Why Bethel Internships?

Bethel Church desires to create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life changing reality of the gospel, as people come to know Jesus as their lord and savior. To that end, Bethel internships create ministry leaders whose lives are all about Him by developing current and future leaders to maximize their God-given potential.

Core Values

Gather to learn
  • With a cohort of other interns and your ministry coach
Grow through experience
  • With hands-on ministry supervised by your ministry coach
Go into the world
  • With new knowledge and skills to build the Kingdom of God
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  • Are internships paid?
    • Volunteer internships are unpaid.
    • Staff internships are paid and you will receive an hourly rate during your time in the internship program
  • What will me week look like?
    • Internships require 29 hours per week. You will spend this time each week in learning cohorts and practical ministry experiences.
  • What is the length of internships?
    • Internships are offered in semester and year-long lengths
    • Summer – May-August
    • Fall – September-December
    • Spring – January-April
    • Yearlong
  • What is a ministry coach
    • A ministry coach will connect interns with individuals who are on their ministry teams, work alongside them, and provide resources. Coaches will meet with them formally twice a month to check-in on how they are doing and offer prayer and support.
  • Do you provide housing?
    • We will work with you to provide housing through one of the members of our church during your internship