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Our View from Kids Ministry


Much of the world is doing things in a new way, and Kids Ministry at Bethel is no different! We have started gathering our kids together outdoors at some of our campuses and it has been delightful to see them worshiping God together again! I speak for the entire team of Bethel Kids staff when I say it has been so great to see each and every child who has come. They arrive with smiles and joy that is a welcomed gift to all who serve them each week. Here are some things the Kids Team knows after a few weeks:

  1. Kids are flexible! The kids have adjusted to our outdoor, under-the-tent, class time. They don’t seem to even wonder why we are doing things in a new way. They just go with what we have set up for them and are truly enjoying it. We could learn so much from them. They are singing, learning, enjoying some community and soaking up our time together.
  2. Kids are observant! In our new outdoor services, the kids are staying with their family during the worship. Although this may not be permanent, this has been a good new normal. Kids watching their parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, and any other adults they know worship the Lord while singing praises is a benefit. Kids not only learn by hearing what is taught to them, but they also learn much by example. There is no greater example to give them than that of praising God. This is an impression that may last a lifetime. 
  3. We are thankful for each week we have to teach the kids from God’s Word. The light that shows in their eyes and on their faces when they embrace or understand a new thing about our great God is the best. We can watch them understand that we are like sheep and Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares for and loves them—all of them. We see what happens when they go from slowly wondering, how can I be the sheep? to the lightbulb moment of getting the example that Jesus is sharing in John 10. That’s sweet!
  4. We are blessed by so many volunteers who love our kids at Bethel and in our community. Their faithfulness is a true testament of their love for others. They serve with humility. They are willing to step in where needed, help a nervous child, get snacks ready, set up and clean up, and do anything that is asked of them. This truly shows Jesus to each and every child who sees them each week.
  5. We are committed to partnering with all our families to help them disciple their kids to become followers of Jesus. Although the future may seem uncertain in so many ways, we know that kids hearing about Jesus is not uncertain. This still needs to happen. The kids we’re teaching now will be the next church in their communities in whatever the church looks like in the future.
  6. We are going to continue to innovate! As things change, restrictions are altered, and the world continues to adapt, so will we! Just like Bethel Kids Online, VBS in a Box, Outdoor Sundays, Toddler Tents, and Toddler Busy Bags, we will continue to adapt. These are the types of neat and out-of-the-box innovations that we will continue to develop as new opportunities arise. We appreciate your support and patience as we strive to minister to kids and their families.

If you have been thinking of letting your kids, four years old through 5th grade, join us outside, we would LOVE to have them. We are doing our best to take precautions to keep all our kids safe while they are still hearing God’s Word. They are having fun and enjoying coming to church again. Please continue to pray for Bethel Kids as we seek to minister to families in our community.