Women’s Summer Soak Up

May 8, 2018

Women from Bethel and our community are invited to come together for our Summer Soak Up, which consists of two nights of teaching at each campus, and a girls’ night out.

Below is the full schedule for Summer Soak Up:

Gospel in Real Life – all at 6:30pm
June 25 – CP (Student Center)
June 28 – CL (Chapel) & HP (Student Center)
July 23 – CP (Student Center)
July 26 – CL (Chapel) & HP (Student Center)

Girl’s Night Out – all at 6:30pm
August 20 – CP (Student Center)
August 23 – CL (Commons) & HP (Student Center)

The Gary campus will be doing a Foundations class in lieu of Summer Soak Up.


Please register for the events you’ll be attending by clicking on the link for your campus:
Cedar Lake
Crown Point