More + Better

April 12, 2018

Since 2012, Bethel Church has been one church in multiple locations, and we are blessed to have wonderful people, leadership, and facilities at each campus. Our dream is that every location would have all that is needed to fully minister the gospel to their respective communities. We also dream about reaching new communities and people groups. Each time we have expanded, God has done exponentially more than we could have hoped.

More + Better is our next chapter at Bethel Church.



The following projects will both expand our reach and deepen our ability to grow people toward Christ. Click on each for more information about that project.

Additional Campuses/Congregations

City Life Center

Crown Point Campus

Cedar Lake Campus

Gary Campus

Hobart/Portage Campus


Projects by the numbers 

Below are the projects and estimated costs for each.

Future Campuses/Congregations: $500K
City Life Center: $50K
Crown Point Auditorium: $1.8M
Crown Point Student Center: $100K
Gary Parking Lot & New Roof: $140K
Cedar Lake Kids’ Center: $120K
Hobart/Portage Classrooms and Hallway: $65K
Crown Point Restrooms: $30K


This is an opportunity for you and your family to prayerfully give above and beyond your normal gifts to Bethel Church. Ask God what he would have you do. Seek his wisdom. As he leads, fill out the commitment card below.

More + Better Commitment Card