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Bethel Missions

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Bethel’s Global Ministries strive to instill in the members of Bethel a passionate embrace of the call of missions and the privilege to make known the glory of God in all nations.


  • To Finish the Task – Jesus tells us to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Bethel is committed to finishing the task of taking the gospel to all nations. This means we focus on places that remain unreached.


  • Fearless Pursuit – We are committed to fearlessly pursuing unreached peoples with the hope of the gospel.
  • Intensely Prayerful – We are committed to praying with passion and fervency for the peoples of the world.
  • Youthful Discovery – We are committed to continually discovering new ideas for reaching out to a lost world.
  • Radical Going – We aspire to be a church of radical going.


The following global priorities are meant to be a guiding force for the ministry of Bethel Church worldwide. Our hope is that these priorities will help Bethel go beyond support to active participation in what God is doing around the world. For a full description, please read our Priorities for Global Ministry.

  • Strategic – Our resources of time, money and personnel are limited; therefore, we must be strategic in how we go about our mission. The avenue of participation in missions are near limitless, but to be effective, Bethel needs to focus on a few strategic ministries. If we do not limit our focus, we risk becoming spread too thin and becoming ineffective.
  • Unreached People Groups – Bethel longs for the fulfillment of Revelation 5:9-10: That every tribe, language, people and nation would be worshiping our Lord. In keeping with this vision, we want to focus a larger portion of our resources to the areas of the world with the lack of gospel witness or a heightened resistance to it.
  • Global City Focus – If we desire to reach the uttermost parts of the earth with the hope of Jesus Christ, we need to utilize the city as an avenue to the unreached people groups. The task of taking the gospel to every village and town in the world seems daunting, but with the reality of urbanization, the spread of technology and the ever-increasing connectedness of the world, the task comes into clearer focus.
  • Leadership Development – The task of making disciples of all nations cannot be shouldered by a small group of individuals; new generations of leaders must continually be developed. Bethel desires to support the training of mature, God-fearing men to lead the church in their context. Bethel seeks to focus on training godly leaders in her own body, as well as globally.
  • Missional – Bethel, in desiring people to live on mission 24/7, will have to create simple, easy ways for people to engage in ministry. We will need to break down the barriers that stop people from participating in the Great Commission. This means training on evangelism, gospel neighboring, community development, cultural intelligence and theology will be a priority for Bethel.