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Instructions for the Neighbor Care Card and Community Resource Page


How can you serve those in need in your neighborhood in Jesus’ name? Here are two powerful tools you can use to minister to your neighbors during these difficult times.

Neighbor Care Card: CLICK HERE

This card is provided as a way to reach out to your neighbor, introduce yourself, and minister to their needs, while still practicing the appropriate suggested physical distancing. What a fitting time to let our neighbors know that we care about them! We pray that neighborhoods would grow closer during this difficult season, and this card could be a great tool for that purpose. In order to use this well, here are some suggestions.

  • DO print and cut these out at home. Cardstock works best, but any kind of paper will do. 
    • If you do not have a printer and would like Bethel to mail you a number of cards, please complete this short form.
  • DO write your name and contact info on the card and place on your neighbor’s door. This is so that they can reach out to you if they have needs. 
    • They will not turn in this card to you or the church. It is simply a means for them to contact you and inform you what needs they have. This will ideally initiate a good conversation, and you can discuss with them how you are able to help.
  • DO NOT place this in their mailbox
    • Mailboxes are federal property, and you can be fined heavily for placing non-mail items in them.
  • DO NOT place them on doors that say, “No Soliciting.” 
    • That will have an opposite effect and drive a wedge between you and that neighbor. You can think of other creative means to contact and minister to that person instead.
  • DO pray over your neighbors as you place them on doors.
  • DO be prepared to help your neighbor if they respond and contact you with a need.
  • DO NOT violate any current CDC guidelines. 
    • Wear gloves and a mask as you do this. Stay at least 6 feet away from people. Do not do this if you have a fever, cough, fatigue, or malaise.

Community Resource Website:

This website will serve as a place for the community to request help in the areas of prayer, essential needs, shopping for/delivering groceries, and more. The site also includes articles and community resources to help in the areas of mental health, family, and essential needs. Please share this resource with your friends and neighbors in your community. We are mobilizing response teams at Bethel to reply to those who complete the form on the website.

If you have any questions with either of these, feel free to contact Pastor Jared. Please widely use these two resources as you see fit. We hope you engage with those around you and have opportunities to show the love of Christ to others to the glory of God!