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How to Zoom Like a Pro


Is your small group or Bible study using Zoom to “meet?” Would you like a few tips to help your next Zoom meeting run more smoothly? We’ll start with the basics, move on to some advanced secrets (and fun!), and end with a little bit of Zoom etiquette.

Download Zoom:

Visit to set up a free account.

General Meeting Notes

1) Free Zoom meetings have a 40-minute limit. They give you a warning at the top of the screen when it will end, but when you hit the limit, it may kick you right out of the meeting mid-sentence! However, if you want to continue meeting, just set up another meeting and send out another emailed link. If the meeting host pays for a premium account, you will have unlimited time.

2) Remember to look at your camera (not yourself) when you’re talking and don’t forget that your camera is on regardless of what you are doing on your screen! As long as the green light is glowing, you are on camera. If you need to do something off camera, either move out of the camera’s view or click on Stop Video at the bottom left of your screen.

Meeting Basics

There are two ways to join a scheduled meeting:

1) Join from an emailed link. Simply click the link and it will take you right to the “Waiting Room.” (more on that in a moment).

2) Join by opening the Zoom app on your device. Click Join a Meeting, enter the meeting ID, and click Join. If a password is required, it will ask you to enter that as well. I recommend copying and pasting the numbers into the boxes to avoid typos.

Meeting ID: 555 5555 5555
Password: 555555

The Waiting Room

When you get to the meeting you wish to join, it will ask you if you want to open the app (if you came from an email link). Click on Open Zoom.

Next, it will ask you to Join with Computer Audio. Before you do that, you may want to test your speaker and microphone to check your volume level. It’s a good idea to log in a few moments before the meeting to get this out of the way. Once the host begins the meeting, they will see you, but won’t hear you until you click on Join with Computer Audio.

In the meeting

Check your microphone and video to make sure they are ON (the moderator may mute everyone during the meeting, but usually there’s a moment at the beginning where you can greet everyone first). 

Here, the microphone and video are ON:

Here, the microphone and video are both OFF:

If you would like to send everyone a message without interrupting the live conversation, use the chat feature:

You can send a message to everyone or to one specific person—just be sure you know who you’re sending it to before you hit send!

Want to see everyone in the meeting?

In the top right corner, you’ll see Gallery View (Brady Bunch View) or Speaker View. It displays the one you are NOT on. If you’re only seeing one person, switch to Gallery View. If you have more than 25 people in the meeting, you may not see everyone on the first screen, but you can click an arrow that will appear to the right or left of the gallery when you hover over the right or left part of the screen. Click the arrow to see more people.  

Extra Credit

Want to place yourself on a beach background or on the edge of the earth? Choose a Virtual Background by clicking the arrow next to the Stop Video button and Choose Virtual Background:

That will bring up the screen below. Choose the background you wish to use and download it (this will take a few seconds). Once it’s downloaded, it will be behind you. 

Double Extra Credit

Create your own virtual background! Find a picture or video that you like and add it here by clicking that plus sign in the right-hand corner of the Choose Virtual Background screen. Add your image/video and it will appear in the Choose Virtual Background box so that you can choose your custom background. Just remember, if you’re using Zoom for work, know your workplace and what’s considered appropriate. 😊

Zoom Etiquette

  • Mute the sound notifications on your phone and computer during meetings. Search “Mute Notifications” in your computer’s search bar and it will probably tell you how to do that.
  • It’s generally a good idea to mute your microphone if you are not talking. The smallest sounds will be heard, so if you have to cough, mute. If your dog is barking, mute. If your children are screaming, mute. Even if it doesn’t bother you, that noise may cut off the sound from what the current speaker is saying.
  • If possible, try wearing headphones or earbuds. This can help to keep sound from the conversation from being picked up by your microphone and sent back into the conversation (a feedback loop).
  • If your connection becomes spotty, consider turning off your video camera for part of the conversation. We do love seeing your face, but this may protect your bandwidth.

Now you’re ready to Zoom like a pro! Happy virtual meeting!