Russ & Nancy Ebersole


Russ & Nancy Ebersole


United States

Time In Field

Since 1994

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Ministry Description

Russ and Nancy recently concluded 17 years with their Missionary Care Division where Russ was in charge of the debriefing ministry for furlough missionaries. Russ has also served formerly as the Administrator of ABWE’s Far East fields and in evangelism and church planting in the Philippines.

Nancy served two years working in tribal evangelism in Bangladesh, with her first husband until his death. She spent seven years serving in the Philippines with Russ.

The couple are now officially “retired” but continue to serve the Lord in a preaching ministry in the States and as opportunities arise overseas, especially in Asia.

Prayer Requests

Pray for:

  • Their son, Russ Ebersole, a pediatrician serving at a hospital in Togo, West Africa. He is in the States due to a serious kidney problem. He and his family planned to return to Togo in September, but he also¬†has what could be a serious problem with his eyes and is currently facing treatment. They are hoping to return to the field in November.
  • Their son, Harold, and his wife, Shawne, as they return to their ministry in mid-September serving on a field council and working with tribals in an unspecified region.
  • Their daughter, Susan, and her husband, Dr. John Briggs, as they plan to return in January to their medical-evangelistic ministry in Togo, West Africa.
  • The Lord to open opportunities for overseas ministry in 2013.
  • Russ this fall as he will be helping with the preaching at a small international church in Brooklyn, New York, as they seek a pastor.

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664 McKendimen Rd
Shamong, NJ 08088
United States