Story of Bethel Gary

In September of 2013, the leadership of Bethel Church announced its plans to begin a new campus in Gary. At that time, the specific location was yet to be determined. Just weeks later, however, God opened a door when the building owned by the John Will Anderson Boys & Girls Club went up for sale. After much prayer, the elders placed an offer, which was quickly accepted. In December of 2013, Bethel Church became the new owner of the 40,000-square-foot building at 225 West 5th Avenue.

The property has roots as deep as the city itself. In 1910, Elbert Henry Gary (for whom the City of Gary was named in 1906) built a building on this site for the YMCA that was later demolished and rebuilt on the same site. The YMCA occupied the space until 1976, when it was purchased for the Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Indiana. More than thirty years later, the Boys & Girls Club moved to a new facility, which prompted the sale of what is now Bethel Gary.

Bethel Gary is more than a church that meets on weekends. This building is also host to the City Life Center, which will hold midweek classes, activities and services for the Gary community. We are consistently seeking and pursuing ways to serve the community’s practical as well as spiritual needs for the sake of the gospel.