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Free Indeed!


What comes to mind when you hear the word free? Freedom is something we all desire, but what does freedom actually look like? How do we find freedom in a world held captive? While ideas and opinions about national and political freedoms as well as personal liberties are being expressed, argued, and fought for quite loudly both within the church and without, there is one freedom that remains unchanged and unchallenged, yet is also easily forgotten: our freedom in Christ. This is the one freedom that is ours for the taking and for the keeping. This freedom supersedes anything this world can give or take away. And uncovering this glorious freedom is what Women of the Word will be doing in our upcoming study of Galatians.

The freedom we have in Christ should rock our worlds and transform our lives. Sadly though, this freedom is widely misunderstood (even by Christ-followers) and therefore, often misappropriated in the Christian life. Trust me, I know. I lived far too many years in fear and bondage—without even knowing it. I grew up in the church, and yet somehow missed so much of Christ. I was saved, but I didn’t really “get” grace. I knew truth, but was still bound by tradition. I had faith, but oh, how I longed to be free!

So, what exactly does it mean that “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1 NIV)? It means that Jesus literally moved heaven and earth to get to us, to be with us, to rescue us from sin, and to save us from the worst possible scenario—eternity apart from Jesus. Simply and wonderfully stated, Jesus came to set us free from a life of sin, bondage, and fear. And because of his finished work on the cross, we are free to experience abundant, eternal life here and now, on this side of heaven. What a beautiful, life-altering revelation!

As I grew in my understanding of God’s amazing gift of grace, I undoubtedly began to uncover the glorious freedom I have in Christ. It is this freedom that I am so eager to share with others longing to experience the full life that Jesus came to bring. The freedom Christ offers includes several components that we will unpack over the next twelve weeks in our study titled Free Indeed: Uncovering the Glorious Freedom of Grace.

  • As believers in Jesus, we, like the Apostle Paul, have been called and commissioned by God to go and make disciples. Therefore, we are free to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ—with our words, our actions, and our lives.
  • Because Jesus ushered in the new covenant of grace, we are free from the impossible demands of the law.
  • Because Jesus not only took the curse, but actually became the curse of sin, we are redeemed and free from condemnation and the curse. 
  • Because Jesus perfectly fulfilled the law, we are free to receive the promises of God.
  • Because God has adopted us to be his very own, we are free to be his sons, worthy to receive an eternal inheritance.
  • Because God knows us completely and the good news of the gospel never changes, we are free to stay free.
  • Because God calls us children of promise, we (like Sarah) are free women, no longer enslaved to the flesh.
  • Because it is for freedom that Christ has set us free, we are free to live free.
  • Because God has given his Holy Spirit to dwell within us, we are free to walk by the Spirit, evidencing his work in our lives.
  • Because Jesus is the Way, we are free to do good—not in order to be saved, but because we have been.

Do you see the pattern here? Because of God/Jesus…we are free. Because of his grace, we are free indeed. Salvation is God’s work from beginning to end. The Galatian churches needed to be reminded of this truth—the truth of the gospel. And friends, so do we. We often get caught up in the rules, the checklists, and the traditions. We think we need to work hard, do more, and be better, as if somehow Jesus isn’t enough. But he is the All-Sufficient One. “Our generation, as every other generation, needs to be reminded of the sole sufficiency of Jesus Christ for human redemption. Galatians serves as a clarion call for vital religion rather than formal ritual, for personal submission to a living Savior rather than subscription to a dead creed, for glorying in the cross rather than dependence on self, for a life inspired and controlled by the Spirit rather than one regulated by rules.” [1]

Jesus himself is the Truth. And Jesus came to set us free. John 8 tells us that “the truth will set you free…and if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Can you just imagine the revival among God’s people if we all were to truly experience the glorious freedom for which Christ died? We would undoubtedly see his kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

Please be in prayer for all the women participating in this study; that lives will be transformed and God will be glorified as we live lives that are free indeed!

[1] Curtis Vaughan, Galatians (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1972), 12.