The values that direct outreach at Bethel exist to equip disciples of Jesus with a missional lifestyle that expands Christ’s saving reign and demonstrates his love through good deeds and the good news.

Core Values Toward Outreach

  1. Gospel-Centered MissionĀ – We must constantly proclaim the saving work of Christ and call people to repentance and faith. Through so doing, we accomplish our essential purpose: To ascribe great glory and honor to God.
  2. Transformative Discipleship – The goal of Christian discipleship is to mature believers so that the gospel becomes so indelibly etched into their hearts that their emotions, intellect, and lives are transformed into the likeness of Christ.
  3. Humble Learning – Our mindset must genuinely acknowledge that even as we have much to give, we also have much to learn and receive.
  4. Collaborative Relationships – We desire our church to work together with many different individuals and organizations according to our respective strengths and areas of expertise.
  5. Church Mobilization – Through both corporate and individual efforts, we want the church to move out into the world by engaging people with the message of Christ and producing tangible manifestations of God’s grace, mercy and love.
  6. Community Empowerment – The members of a particular community are typically the best people to produce lasting change in that community. We want to be a catalyst for the spiritual and physical restoration of our communities.
  7. Generous Justice – Justice happens when individuals in society do what is good and right. We should not be content with merely meeting essential needs; we ought to be generous and strive to abundantly help those in our community, even to the point of great personal sacrifice.