The Cedar Lake campus of Bethel Church found its beginnings in 1943 when the American Sunday School Union sent its missionary to the Cedar Lake Bible Conference Grounds. The hope was to find people in the area who would be interested in starting a Sunday school. One resident, Catherine Shipman, desired for her children to have access to weekly Bible teaching.

From these two hopes, local families contributed to rent the Gleaner Hall for $2 every Sunday. Worship services were added and Moody Bible Institute students were invited to travel down from Chicago to give the message each weekend.

In the summer of 1947, three acres were purchased for $850 to build a church (then known as Community Bible Church of Cedar Lake), which grew at that location from a basement church to its present, multiple-story facility to accommodate a growing body of believers. Over the years, the church has continued to expand as the region has grown from a rural location to a thriving town.

In the summer of 2012, the Community Bible Church membership chose to be adopted by Crown Point’s Bethel Church, firmly believing and trusting God that we are better together, making disciples and increasing his kingdom. We are thankful for our history and excited for future chapters in our story, wanting nothing less than to see Jesus made famous in southwest Lake County.

As our ministry in southwest Lake County continued to grow, so did our need for additional space. In 2015, we held the grand opening of a new auditorium and commons space to accommodate the expanding family that gathered every Sunday and create a context where the community can discover grace and celebrate Jesus.