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Become a Member

Bethel Church is a great place to be planted whether you are new to the Christian walk, have been on the journey for quite some time, or haven’t yet taken the first step. The preached Word of God will meet you wherever you are and the new relationships you build with other members will provide a level of support that keeps you connected.

Guest Reception

If you are new to Bethel, you’re welcome to our Guest Reception after each service, typically on the third Sunday of every month. You’ll meet some of our pastors and staff and will have a chance to ask any questions about Bethel. Refreshments will be served, and kids are welcome!

Discover Bethel

If you are looking to learn more about Bethel or are interested in membership, our Discover Bethel class is a great place to start! During this class, you will learn about who Bethel is, what we believe, and how you can get connected and serve. Discover Bethel pays special attention to Bethel’s core values and also provides numerous opportunities to plug in with the ministries that appeal to you. Breakfast and childcare are provided.

How do I become a member?

  1. Experience salvation in Christ by grace through faith
  2. Be baptized as a believer by immersion (a baptism conducted in a different church/ministry setting will qualify as long as that baptism involved full immersion and happened after the person became a believer)
  3. Complete Bethel’s membership class (see Discover Bethel above)
  4. Submit a membership form (see below)
  5. Complete a membership meeting with an Elder
  6. Be confirmed as a church member through a majority vote by the Elder Team

Bethel Membership Form