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All About Him


We have a saying around Bethel Church, “It’s All About Him.” Those four words are a bit of a mantra for us. If you were to squeeze someone at Bethel we would want this phrase to come out of them. Just like Nike tells you to “Just do it” or Burger King wants you to “Have it your way” we want those who are a part of the Bethel family to live their lives toward this aim of being “All About Him.” 

What exactly does it mean? Well, in short, we want our church to be known as Christ followers who live their lives—all of their lives—for Christ. From eating cereal, to how you interact with your spouse, to how you do your job, or how you sing out on Sunday, it ALL needs to be about HIM. Our whole lives are to be lived for the glory of Christ. We want to be a church that is centered on the supremacy of Christ in all things. When we do something good or honorable we want to recognize that all things are “from him and through him and to him…. To him be glory forever. Amen.” (Romans 11:36) Our prayer is that we will be known both individually and corporately as a people on fire for the glory of Christ alone.

We aim to do this every Sunday, but once a year, to help us kick off a new ministry year, we spend one Sunday refocusing with laser precision on this truth. We call it “All About Him Sunday,” and just this past Sunday we gathered both digitally and in person to celebrate this glorious truth. The beauty of this mantra is that it can be approached from so many angles. Just as you can turn a diamond in your hand and it refracts the light in many beautiful and colorful ways, so can you turn the “diamond” of this phrase and see the glory of Christ in many different and glorious ways. Christ is infinitely glorious; therefore, there are infinite ways we can celebrate his supremacy in all things. 

One amazing thing to me as a worship pastor who gets to plan these Sundays is that we will often not break out of our current book study (we are currently in Romans) to bend toward this truth. Why? Because the supremacy of Christ is seen throughout the whole Bible. It almost doesn’t matter what book we are in. We can see his supremacy, his “first-ness” throughout the whole canon of Scripture. On All About Him Sunday, every song we sing, prayer we pray, Scripture we read will aim to magnify and exalt Christ. Again, this is our aim every Sunday, but on All About Him Sunday, that aim becomes even more focused on this singular and massive truth.

When we plan worship gatherings we always get the passage of Scripture from Pastor Steve that he will be preaching from, and as a team we begin planning our songs and elements around the text he has chosen. This year we have been in Romans 13, and by God’s perfect sovereignty with where our nation is, election season, and many other variables, we are talking about the role of government and our responsibility as Christians. So, we planned songs such as “Great I Am” to remind our people that nothing can stand against Christ—not even the powers of hell. We sang about our “living hope” that is Christ alone. Our hope is not in a donkey or in an elephant, it is in the Lamb of God who came to take away our sins. We sang a song that talked about Christ being magnified in every area of our lives. He is to be magnified at our jobs, in our schools, in the midst of a global pandemic and civil unrest—even in these times—we want Christ to be seen as supreme above everything else. May it not just be a saying we have or something we celebrate on a Sunday that we put on our calendars and then move on from. May it be a lifestyle. He is supreme in all things. He is worthy. IT’S. ALL. ABOUT. HIM!