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15 Discernment Diagnostic Questions


This past Sunday, I shared a list of 15 questions to help discern if specific teaching is biblical or not (rewatch the service here). The list was adapted from Rev. Kevin DeYoung and a blog post he wrote on The Gospel Coalition in 2016 called “15 Discernment Diagnostics.” I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t catch all of the questions and wanted to go back and read through them again.

1. Does the teaching sound strange? This is not foolproof, of course—predestination may sound strange at first. But sound teaching should make biblical sense for those who have read through the Bible every year, go to church every Sunday, and have gone to Sunday school for decades. As an initial question, the longtime Christian should wonder “Why have I never heard anything like this before?”

2. Does it sound too good to be true? Not in the next life, mind you, but in this life. Promises of never-failing material, well-being, relational ease, or emotional tranquility are not to be trusted.

3. Does it involve trinkets or relics or holy water? Christianity entails some mystery, no magic.

Kevin DeYong

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