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10 Life Lessons from 10 Heroes of Black Church History


An introductory note from Pastor Stephen:

For our blog today, we enjoy the privilege of having former Lead Elder and pastoral staff member, Dr. Bob Kellemen, provide insight into the history of the Black Church and its impact on Christianity.

Entering Black History Month, it is important for us to expand our understanding of modern history, and how it affects the here and now. Dr. Kellemen provides us with a helpful outline and then access to a treasure trove of additional resources. We encourage you to explore these to better grasp the significant contributions the Black Church has made to the global church.

Dr. Kellemen’s original post on this subject can be found here: https://rpmministries.org/2019/02/10-life-lessons-from-10-heroes-of-black-church-history/.

For a wealth of additional insight Dr. Kellemen offers on a variety of subjects, such as marriage and family issues, discipleship, and biblical counseling, check out his website, books, and other articles here: https://rpmministries.org/.

In American culture, we tend to be taught the history of Caucasian leaders—especially white male historical figures. Sadly, it is less typical that we learn from the legacy of the heroes of Black Church history.

I presented on this topic at Bethel Church in Gary, Indiana with a focus on: Learning from the Legacy of the Heroes of Black Church History. Together, we learned from:

  1. Reverend Thomas Jones: Hardships Do Not Make It Too Hard to Love
  2. Venture Smith: Pulling the Rope in Unison
  3. An Anonymous Son about His Christian Father: Finding Spiritual Freedom in Christ
  4. Reverend Peter Randolph’s Mother: Wisdom from the Father of the Fatherless
  5. Reverend Lemuel Haynes: An Epitaph Worth Living For
  6. Reverend Absalom Jones: God Sees and Frees
  7. Reverend Daniel Alexander Payne: Being a Manly Man of God
  8. Sister Octavia Albert: Sharing Christ in Suffering—Jesus with Skin On
  9. Sister Charlotte Brooks: Finding Christ in Suffering—Filled with the Love of Jesus
  10. Sister Maria Stewart: Clinging to Our Identity in Christ—In the Image of God

I’ve uploaded the entire manuscript of my presentation, which you can download for free here. If you’d like to share a shortened link to this download, you can use the following: http://bit.ly/10LegaciesPDF.

I’ve also uploaded the entire 60-slide PowerPoint presentation, which you can download for free here. If you’d like to share a shortened link to this download, you can use the following: http://bit.ly/10LegaciesPPT

Beyond the Suffering

These 10 heroes are just the tip of the historical iceberg. To learn life lessons from hundreds of heroes of Black Church history, read Beyond the Suffering: Embracing the Legacy of African American Soul Care and Spiritual Direction.

Robert Kellemen

Robert Kellemen

VP, Academic Dean, Professor at Faith Bible Seminary


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